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why double cleansing is so bomb

figuring out which skincare tips and tricks are worth your koin can be frustrating. just when you think you’ve got your skincare routine on lock, suddenly everyone’s already on to the newest technique, leaving you and your lineup of products in the dust. we feel you, boo! we figured we’d save you some time by putting you on to the skincare step we guarantee will give you that fresh-faced glo you’re going for. here’s all you need to know about double cleansing.

what is double cleansing ?

double cleansing is as simple as it sounds, boo! it’s when you use an oil-based cleanser before going in with your regular water-based cleanser in order to break down oil-based impurities like makeup, spf, sebum, and pollutants. once your oil cleanser has removed that layer of grime, your water-based cleanser will have an easier time washing away the water-based impurities left behind - like sweat and dirt. For makeup wearers, it’s the best way to break down a beat face after a full day of keeping it cute.

who should be double cleansing?

double cleansing is a great way for all skin klasses to step-up their skincare game. for our glossy gals, oil cleansing helps unclog pores and keep congestion at bay by loosening up the grease and grime that builds up in pores over time. it also helps keep your oil levels under control by getting rid of excess oil without leaving your skin so stripped that it has to churn out more to make up for the amount it’s missing. for our matte mavens, oil-cleansing helps give your skin the amount of moisture it’s always craving. 

how do you double cleanse?

the first step in getting your skin routine together is always picking out whichever product will work best for you. double cleansing is no different. first you gotta decide which formula you’d like to use – oil cleansers come in both liquid and balm form. liquid cleansers take less work to warm up but can be a bit messy to use, while cleansing balms require you to warm them up between your palms and are a little bit easier to control.

after you’ve picked which formulation you like more, your next step is to pick whichever oil works best for your skin klass. you can choose a natural oil to double cleanse with, or go for an oil cleansing product with other added benefits. non-comedogenic oils like sunflower oil, safflower oil, sea buckthorn oil, hemp oil, and grapeseed oil are glo-to’s for glossy skin. meanwhile, nourishing oils like olive oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil, will keep our matte mavens’ moisture levels on lock. 

in order to get your oil cleanser to work right, you have to apply it to dry skin. applying it to a wet face will keep it from binding to the oil-based dirt you’re trying to wash away which is a waste of product and your wallet’s time. 60 seconds is all you need to give your skin a good clean; once you’ve rinsed off your oil cleanser, go in with your water-based cleanser to seal the deal. 

despite its name, double cleansing only needs to be done once a day. it’s also best to leave it for the end of the day when you’ve actually built up enough dirt to deep clean. 

listen sis, your one-step wash routine is cute and all, but double cleansing really is that girl! you won’t believe the kind of glo you’ll get once you bring it into your skin routine.  

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