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\kaan-tee\ - bright & shining. glowy af.


skincare for the kulture. melanin-rich skin is in, and it always has been, but our skin has never been put first. we’re here to change that – not because melanin-rich skin is trendy, but because we believed black skin deserved love before it was kool. our mission is to celebrate black skin and help our people glo inside and out with mela-klean products that put us first.

think of us as your melanin-friendly skincare bestie, here to make skincare simple and help you love the skin you’re in.

we’re unapologetically black and we’re doing this for our kweens, for our kings and for our kulture. this is kanti.  

meet the founders.

keamone f.

ceo + co-founder


as a skincare obsessed influencer and woman of color, I always found myself connecting with my people over the topic of skincare. different girls and women (sometimes even men) would send me messages on instagram asking me to give them a regimen or product recommendations. I quickly noticed that so many people didn’t even know where to start. I also noticed that a lot of them had been using popular products just because they sounded good and not because they would work for them. time and time again, I heard the same complaints about the same skincare concerns – hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven texture, and oily/acne prone skin. I realized our struggle was real. I needed to find a way to un-complicate skincare for my fellow melanated millennials – thus kanti was born. i’ve coined myself “the glo kween” not just because I’ve grown to love my natural glo, but because I love helping people to discover and love their glo too.

alisha ricki

coo + co-founder


skincare has been a constant part of my life for more years than i can count. it all started when I moved to a cold city and found that my skin needed help adjusting to a new winter climate (boy, was it shocked!). it wasn’t long before I  found myself researching and testing a ton of products in order to find the perfect routine to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. little did I know that my personal journey would lead to women like my sisters, mom, friends and followers reaching out to lil ‘ol me for product recommendations to solve their own skin concerns, for years and years to come. the opportunity to help improve their lives in that way brought a purpose I knew I had to share with more of my beautiful people. as an influencer and self-proclaimed skincare junkie,  I want to help melanated millennials feel as beautiful and as confident in their own skin, as I do in mine.