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here's how to repurpose your skincare products

while patch testing new products prior to bringing them into your skin routine can help clue you in on whether or not they’ll really work for you, sometimes products don’t show their true colors until way past when you’re able to receive a refund. in situations like that, finding ways to repurpose your products can help keep your bank account from feeling some type of way. read on to see some ways you can rework your products.


1. use heavy moisturizers as hand creams

since your face is the most sensitive part of your skin, it can be prone to all kinds of irritation that you won’t need to worry about for the rest of your body. if you find that the moisturizer you’ve been trying to use leaves you looking greasy or keeps clogging up your pores, it’s probably heavier than your face can handle. go ahead and set it aside for hands instead. now that ms. rona has us running to the sink every other second, using your facial moisturizer as a hand cream will give your hands the hydration they need. 

2. use chemical exfoliants as a deodorant

if you find out too late that the chemically exfoliating toner you bought to bring out your glo just doesn’t do much for your face, try  using it for your armpits instead as a deordant. acids can kill the bacteria that feeds from your sweat by lowering your armpit’s ph level which is why regular deodorants tend to be slightly acidic. when using a bha toner, go for one that’s no more than 2%. and any aha toner you try should be between 7% to 10%. since your acids are exfoliants, using them for your armpits could also  help deal with any ingrown hairs. keep in mind that your exfoliant won’t keep you from sweating. it’ll just take away the smell of it. if you sweat too much sis, you might end up washing the acid away, taking your body odor back to square one. 

3. use facial cleansers for your body 

same as your moisturizer, your body can handle cleansers that your face can’t. any cleanser that your face hasn’t been feeling can give your body the deep clean it needs. and if your cleanser includes any BHAs or AHAs, now you have your own body exfoliant to use. 

4. use oil cleansers as shaving creams

not to sound like a broken record, but double cleansing is that girl. using an oil cleanser in your skin routine is a great way to get your glo going no matter what skin klass. but if you find that you’ve picked one that can’t quite work with your skin, try using it as a shaving oil instead! it’ll give your body the slip it needs to give you a clean and close shave without risking the razor cutting you up. just make sure to apply it onto the part of your body you wish to shave while it’s still dry .  once you switch your shower back on it’ll wash off without any trouble while leaving your skin more moisturized than what a regular shaving cream could ever do. 


don’t feel bad about ditching a product that doesn’t work for you, boo! in the end figuring out what really makes your glo come through is all about trial and error. just make sure to hold on tight once you’ve found your holy grails. 

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