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meet kanti.

\’kan-tee\ - bright & shining. glowy af.

kanti was created to un-komplicate skincare for people of color and help them to find their inner glow. we are a modern, homegirl-approved skincare brand, katering to the needs of melanin-rich skin. 

black owned.

for us, by us – because let's face it, only we know what we really need.


we keep it simple. no b.s, no fillers, just ingredients that get it done, period.

homegirl approved.

we keep it real with you & we keep your best interest (& skin) at heart.


are you ready to glo?

likuid gold is a luxurious, multi-benefit facial oil that will give you a glo from the gawds. 

the klique can't get enough

This is such an amazing product! Since using it my skin has seen a dramatic difference for the better. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I know it’s because of my new found relationship with this product. The glow is unreal and yet so achievable once you start using this. Don’t believe me? I really suggest trying for yourself.

Ria B.

It has been about a month now and I’m already almost halfway through the bottle. I purchased this mainly for my hyperpigmentation issue and I’m already seeing improvements a month in. My glow is undeniable with this oil. TBH I use this all over my body; in addition to my face. I’m heavy handed with products so I’ve leaned that a little goes a long way with this oil. I will definitely repurchase!!!

Yechima C.

I have dry, sensitive skin and when looking for a little added moisture, I often have to avoid oils that feel heavy and greasy. Likuid Gold is light weight and leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and fresh. I apply a small amount to my daily moisturizer to lock in everything and give me that extra glow.

Edith C.