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3 reasons why you need facial oils in your skin routine

for some reason, facial oils are one of those things that people either love and swear by, or absolutely hate with a burning passion and refuse to put on their face. but, why do sooo many people hate them? let’s just go ahead and assume that those people who hate them truly have no idea what they’re missing out on... no idea at all! facial oils are that girl and we're here to tell you why! here are 3 reasons why you need to add a facial oil to your routine for that metro-boomin' type of glow!

are you using the right face mask?

with the rona around, you gotta be a little specific when you’re talking about face masks! and we’re not talking about the surgical masks, sis 😂 y’all know we’re always tryna help you level up your skincare routine! yo skin could prolly use a little tlc. but do you know ...

staycation ideas to get away

it’s probably been a minute since your last vacay. we know you’re missing the travel vibes – you know, the days where your passport could take you anywhere 😩 there’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing at the hotel or the bnb after a long flight. 

5 acts of self care for the holidays

it’s that time of year again, sis! thanksgiving just passed and we know you’re probably calming down after that one family member tried you over the collard greens 😩 with the holidays on the way, you’re probably feeling hella stressed. 

don’t let skincare labels trip you up

while product reviews are a great way to sus out which skincare products might be worth spendin’ some koin on, knowing how to determine which product will help get you the ultimate glo-up from just the label will do you good. read on for what you need to be checkin’...

what’s all the hype about hydration?

ask anyone with clear skin what their routine is and odds are they’ll tell you that “drinking water and minding yo own business” is all you need to do to get their glo. for us folks with blemished skin, this might sound like some bs, but they’re right about one...

get your mood just right

2020’s been moving mad all year, and it’s def taken a toll on us mentally. between the endless stream of bad news circulating on everyone’s twitter tls and all your future plans being put on hold until further notice, we figured you might be feeling the same way too. don’t...

hyperpigmentation is nothing you can't handle

for the highly melanated, handling hyperpigmentation – the discoloration and darkening of our skin can be the hardest part of getting the ultimate glo. while having so much melanin makes our skin unmatched, it also makes our skin more prone to hyperpigmentation. don’t stress sis! we’ve listed out some tips...

level up your skin care by layering

while having the right kind of skincare routine can help you achieve the glow you’re going for, how you actually apply your products will decide whether or not you get your glo-up. but from the amount of skincare products and formulations that keep popping up on the market, figuring out...