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you're cute sis! but do you wear spf?

image via instagram @itsheymorgan

since ms. rona has put all plans on hold ‘til further notice, many of us have been spending most of our time indoors, getting less vitamin D than ever before. with our summer link ups at an all time low, you might be thinking that it’s ok to ease up on your sunscreen, especially if the most sun you’re getting is from the few times you sat by a window to snap some golden hour pics for the gram. sorry, sis! hot girl summer™ being on hold this year, doesn’t mean you can skip out on your SPF all together. rona might not reach you, but them UV rays sure will! read on to see why SPF is essential for keeping your skin in check all year round! 

1. what does sunscreen do?

protect against sunburn

despite popular belief, black people do get sunburnt! while our melanin might help us handle the heat a bit better than our paler counterparts, the sun is one thing in our society that doesn’t discriminate. even when we’re all indoors, UV rays can still come for you through your windows. those of us with chemical exfoliants in our skin routines are especially prone to sunburn as AHAs and BHAs tend to make our skin even more sensitive to UV rays.  

protect against hyperpigmentation

sunburn might not be your biggest beef with your skin, but a lot of us are in a constant battle with hyperpigmentation. however, wearing SPF regularly will help your skin better deal with the discoloration that breakouts often leave behind – especially for our glossy gals who are prone to pimples. UV rays can increase melanin production under your skin that cause acne scars, darkening the discoloration you already have on your face which makes your skin tone more uneven while also making it more difficult for you to lighten up dark marks and scars.

protect against blue light

to all our girls hustling from home, even if this new #wfh life you’re living now has you holed up in your room most days with your face glued to your computer screen round the clock, it’s still a good idea for you to wear some sunscreen. besides the sunlight that might be streaming in through your nearest window, wearing spf will also protect you from the bluelight coming from whatever screen you spend most of your time staring at. studies show that bluelight can cause hyperpigmentation, skin inflammation, and fine lines in your face. 

2. how do i apply sunscreen?

you should be wearing sunscreen everyday, sis! make sure to apply a dime sized amount 15 minutes before you plan on stepping into the sunniest parts of your home or before you head out of your house. this will give your sunscreen enough time to sink into your skin, in order to properly protect it. and as long as your spf is between 30 to 50, you’re good to glo! an spf that’s 30 will give you around 97% protection from the sun, while an spf 50 will give about 98%. 

we’re serious, sis! in order to keep your glo going strong, SPF should be in your skincare routine every day of every season! 

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