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what’s all the hype about hydration?

image via instagram @erica.anastasia

ask anyone with clear skin what their routine is and odds are they’ll tell you that “drinking water and minding yo own business” is all you need to do to get their glo. for us folks with blemished skin, this might sound like some bs, but they’re right about one thing, keeping your skin hydrated will help you get the glo-up you’ve been trying to achieve. but if you still don’t believe us, just read on!

1. why should you hydrate?

keep your skin barrier stable

not to sound like a broken record, but keeping your skin barrier  healthy is key for keeping your skin happy. we kan’t stress this enough, sis! your skin barrier fights against all kinds of irritants like bacteria, pollution, and allergens which cause all kinds of skin concerns including acne, inflammation, dryness, and sensitivity. but when your barrier is damaged, you and your skin are left to fend for yourselves against these skin concerns which can be extremely overwhelming. hydrating your skin will help keep your skin barrier together making it easier for you to deal with any other issues. 

get your oil levels under control

our glossy gals will be glad to hear that getting your skin’s water levels just right will help get your grease togetha. many times when your face feels extremely oily, what’s really going on is your skin’s struggling to make up for the amount of water it’s missing. in order to bounce back, your skin will start pumping out excess oil until you give it the amount of water it wants. and those skincare products you keep purchasing that promise to make your face matte? go ahead and let them go. they’ll just dry you out even more and cause more grease to grow. 

2. how do you stay hydrated? 

have some humectants on hand

humectant-based products like hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, honey, glycerin, and aloe vera will give you the doses of hydration your skin desires. doesn’t matter whether it’s a cleanser, a toner, or a serum. humectants boost your hydration levels by pulling in moisture from the air around you. to really get the most out of these kinds of products, always apply them to damp skin. 

keep your face fresh by exfoliating

using an alpha-hydroxy-acid like glycolic acid or lactic acid will slough away any dead skin that’s keeping your products from penetrating properly, while also giving you some of the hydration you’re seeking. just be sure to take breaks in between the days that you exfoliate to keep from stressing your skin barrier out. 

top it off with an occlusive 

layering on an occlusive like your favorite facial oil will create a barrier between your hydrated skin and the air around you, keeping too much water from evaporating off your face. 

bottom line is - the best way to keep your skin happy is by keeping it hydrated. and now that fall has come and made the air drier than our dms, maintaining your skin’s water levels is something you def need to be doing.

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