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the pamper sesh you didn't know you needed

image via instagram @fashioncrave

we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, sis. there’s nothing a good facial can’t fix. just because quarantine is keeping you from your favorite esthetician doesn’t mean you have to postpone your pamper sesh. just head on over to your sink, pull out your skincare products, and follow along with this article! 

double cleanse before you dive in

every good facial starts out with a deep cleanse, so your diy facial should begin the same way by double cleansing. all that rubbing will help you release some tension while also loosening up any grime giving your pores a hard time. just grab your favorite oil cleanser and water-based cleanser and go to work. we recommend oil cleansing for 30 seconds before using your water-based cleanser for at least 60 seconds. 

get your face nice and steamy  

nothing screams “spa day” more than a facial steamer. not only will having one on hand help you achieve the same kind of ambience as your past facial appointments, but using one will also help soften up your skin, making it much easier for it to absorb the rest of your skincare routine. don’t worry if you don’t have one to bust out, boo. you can get the same effect by filling up a pot with water, bringing it up to a boil, and hanging your face over it with a towel draped over your head for at least 5 minutes. just be mindful about burning yourself by accident! since ms. rona’s still very much around, go ahead and give your respiratory system some relief by adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to your pot. 

ditch extractions and exfoliate instead

we know what y’all might be thinking, but we’ll let you know now that pimple popping should not be a part of your at home facial. even though you’ve no doubt been about keeping your hands and every corner of your home clean, trying to squeeze out a breakout by yourself will only bring more bacteria to it, making it worse. not to mention, all that squeezing will stress out your skin and cause it to darken. we’re sorry sis, but you’ll have to wait for outside to open up again before you can get your face extracted.

a better way to decongest your skin would be using a chemical exfoliant. we’ve already broken down the benefits of having one in your routine right here. as a recap, using a beta-hydroxy acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, a polyhydroxy acid, or an enzyme-based toner or serum will safely break up any build up in your pores. 

do a facial massage 

depending on how intense you are about applying your skincare products, running through your routine will involve enough massaging to take some tension out of your face. but because ms. rona has us at record breaking levels of stress, you’ll def be needing something more heavy-duty to decompress. giving your face a massage by using a facial tool like a jade roller or a gua sha stone will help give you the relief you’re looking for. each tool packs enough punch to put you at ease not only by releasing tension, but also by decreasing puffiness, increasing blood flow, and draining any excess fluid from your lymph nodes which will boost your immune system. just be sure to apply your favorite facial oil before you begin to get the most from your massage.

now’s the time to treat yo self, sis! and if you end up wanting other ways to keep yourself grounded, we rounded up some self-care practices for you to try right here.

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