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level up your skin care by layering

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while having the right kind of skincare routine can help you achieve the glow you’re going for, how you actually apply your products will decide whether or not you get your glo-up. but from the amount of skincare products and formulations that keep popping up on the market, figuring out how to order everything can get confusing. the pressure your bank account puts on you to prove that the coin you keep spending isn’t going to waste doesn’t help. don’t stress about that, sis! we’ve broken down the best way to stack 
your skincare right here, so read on!

1. keep it clean 

no matter your skin klass or concern, cleansing is always the first step in your skincare routine. having dirt and bacteria on your skin does a lot of damage, so keeping it clean will help you keep it balanced. in the morning, that might mean going in with your favorite water-based cleanser or just giving your face a quick splash at the sink. nighttime is when you really go hard. bring out your oil cleanser to break down your makeup and get rid of all the other oil-based grime–pollution, sebum, and spf you’ve built up during the day. just be sure to check yourself before you begin, sis! always wash your hands before you start your routine in order to keep from bringing any bacteria to your face and to keep from inviting any germs into your skincare products. considering that Ms.Rona is still around lurking, go ahead and give your products a good wipe down with alcohol or disinfectant wipes every week.

2. leave a little dew left over

in order to make sure the dime you’ve dropped on your skincare routine doesn’t go to waste, apply your products onto damp skin. your skin acts a lot like a sponge, absorbing products much better when it’s wet than dry. having a toner on hand will keep you kovered. just make sure you don’t completely dry your face after you finish cleansing. keeping your skin moist in between product application is especially good for getting humectant-based products like hyaluronic acid to give you the doses of hydration you deserve. humectants boost your hydration levels by pulling in moisture from the air around you. 


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alright glofriends, one of the most commonly asked skincare questions is: what order should I apply my skincare products? of course, we got y'all with the answer 🙌🏾⁠ here are some things to remember:⁠ ✨don't skip toner! you need this to balance your skin after cleansing & prep it to absorb all the other products in your routine⁠ ✨a sheet mask is basically a serum, so use it before moisturizer⁠ ✨spf should ALWAYS be last in your day time skincare routine⁠ ✨treatments you use in your nighttime routine should be based on your personal skincare concerns, but EVERYONE should exfoliate⁠ ✨at night, your facial oil can go before or after moisturizer/cream – it's all about preference!⁠ #letsfreakinglo

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3. start light

thinner products like essences, serums, and ampoules should always be applied before thicker products. this will let them penetrate your skin more easily and make it possible for you to get your glo. just apply a couple of drops to your palm and pat them into your skin to really get them in. thicker products like moisturizers should go on after your thinner treatments as they have no problem penetrating these kinds of products. but if your skin is sensitive, mixing any active ingredient-based serums in with your moisturizer will help your skin handle them better.  

4. seal it all in

in the morning, always seal off your skin routine by using an spf 30 or higher, especially if you have actives like exfoliating acids in your lineup. spf will save your skin from sun damage, prevent hyperpigmentation, and keep your glo-up from going to waste. at night, topping off your skin routine with a facial oil will lock in all your products and support your skin as it repairs itself while delivering some of its own good ingredients as well. 

believe us, boo! layering your skincare products just right will get you the glo you’ve been trying so hard to get.  

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