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how to bounce back from a breakout

image via instagram @peach_slices

there’s something deeply disrespectful about the way breakouts just be living rent-free on your face. and their habit of showing up on your skin at the worst times is another level of audacity we’ll never be able to get over. but before you start running through your bank account like a tomb raider trying to find a product to treat your skin, here are the best ways to keep your breakouts in check.  

1. check yourself first, sis

the best way to start solving any problems, is by sussing out what might have caused it. dealing with breakouts is no different. start by inspecting your skin routine and check for two things: if you’ve recently bought any new skincare products, and if any of the new products you bought have active ingredients in them. if any of your new products contain actives in them, your skin might just be purging. skin purging is a process where actives in a product speed up how fast the outer layers of your skin shed (cell turnover rate). this then allows clogged pores from below your skin’s surface to quickly make their way to the top as pimples, creating your breakout. we went ahead and broke down the process for you below.  



if you aren’t using any new active ingredients, your skin might just be beefing with a new product you tried bringing into your skincare routine. we weren’t playing when we said you need to be patch testing every new product you buy! if irritation is the reason you’re breaking out, go ahead and ditch the product and pull up its return policy. to get your skin feeling like itself again after some irritation, go in with your go-to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and then top it off with your favorite facial oil. your skin should chill out soon after. 

2. use a targeted treatment

nothing screams temptation more than pimple popping – especially when all you can imagine is physically squeezing out all the stuff stuck in your skin. but sis, believe us when we say that those few seconds of satisfaction aren’t worth the scarring and bacteria you'll end up spreading all over your skin. picking at a pimple is always bound to blow up in your face rather than fix it. so if you see a pimple, just let it be, boo! pop on a pimple patch instead! pimple patches are packed with hydrocolloid in order to soak up all the gunk giving your clogged pore a hard time, while also protecting the pimple from getting even more infected. think of it as a clear bandaid for your blemishes! 

3. bring in some bha 

using a beta hydroxy acid to chemically exfoliate your skin will really help it bounce back from any breakout. BHAs like salicylic acid go straight to the source of the problem by digging deep into your pores in order to break down the oil and dirt built up in them, making it great for clearing up blemishes. not to mention, the glo you’ll be getting after all that exfoliation will be unmatched.

4. keep an oil cleanser on you 

oil cleansing can help keep breakouts at bay by loosening up the grease and grime that gets stuck in pores over time causing pimples to pop up. besides this benefit, oil cleansing also helps keep your oil levels on lock by gently getting rid of excess oil without leaving your skin so stripped that it has to churn out more to make up for the amount it’s missing. 

5. slather on that sunscreen  

the way pimples just aren’t able to come and go quietly without leaving some type of scar is part of why they’re such a pain. it doesn’t help that the sun can make it even harder to handle the discoloration by increasing melanin production under your skin that causes acne scars, making your dark marks even deeper. luckily, wearing SPF regularly will help your skin deal with the discoloration that breakouts often leave behind. 

remember sis! when people say “don’t sweat the small stuff,” that includes pimples too. pimples are perfectly normal and aren’t worth stressing yourself out over! whenever a pimple turns up uninvited, just pick whichever tip works best for you and you’re good to glo!

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