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damaged skin barrier? we got you sis!

image via instagram @t.ffanny

with so many products being put out on the market, figuring out what will really bring out your best glo is all about trial and error. but if your skin can’t seem to bounce back from trying out a new treatment, it’s time to hit pause. you’ve stressed out your skin barrier.

your skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin that acts as a protective barrier against irritants like bacteria, pollution, and allergens which cause all kinds of skin concerns including acne, inflammation, dryness, and sensitivity. when your barrier is damaged, it can’t fight against these factors, leaving you to fend for yourself against these skin concerns which can be extremely overwhelming for you and your face. don’t stress out too much sis! we’ve listed everything you need to know about getting your skin barrier back together down below! just read on! 

1. how do i know my skin barrier is damaged?

sensitivity is one of the clearest signs that you’ve gone and stressed out your skin barrier. products that you never had any beef with before might make your skin feel like it’s itchy, stinging, or burning and cause your skin to break out like crazy. having dehydrated skin–when it’s pumping out tons of oil while still feeling tight and dry– is also a sign that your skin barrier is currently going through it. 

2. how can i get my skin barrier back together?

 go back to the basics

once you’ve figured out that your skin barrier has been compromised, you need to start scaling back your skincare routine. keep it simple by sticking with a basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. this will keep you from stressing out your skin any further. for each step, pick products that are packed with ceramides, fatty acids, antioxidants, emollients, and glycerin. products with these ingredients will really help you get your glo back.  

ditch all actives 

while chemical exfoliation is one of the key ways to help your skin get the ultimate glo up, over-exfoliating is one of the most common ways to wreck your skin barrier. not taking breaks in between the days you exfoliate is the kind of clownery that will always come back to bite. same with other actives like acne medications, retinoids, and vitamin c. going ham with these kinds of active ingredients without setting time in your routine to rehydrate your skin will harm your skin barrier. when your skin barrier is already struggling to stay together, using actives will only stress it out more. giving your skin a break from all actives for at least a week will give it the strength it needs to get itself right.

hydrate your skin

keeping your skin hydrated is one of the best ways to keep it healthy and a great way to help your skin barrier bounce back. besides using a hydrating cleanser, a hydrating toner, and a hydrating moisturizer; having a hyaluronic acid serum on hand is a good way to get your water levels back on lock. 

seal up your skin barrier

once you’ve run through your basic skin routine and given your skin the hit of hydration it needs, you will want to lock it all in by using a facial oil after. when your skin barrier is stressed out, it’ll have a hard time holding in all the TLC you’ve been showing it. sealing in your routine with a facial oil will give it the support it needs to bounce back. 

nothing’s more frustrating than your skin freaking out especially when you’re just trying to treat it right. we feel you sis! give your skin some time while you follow these tips and your skin barrier will be back and better than ever!

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