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are you using the right face mask?

via 21ninety

with the rona around, you gotta be a little specific when you’re talking about face masks! and we’re not talking about the surgical masks, sis 😂 y’all know we’re always tryna help you level up your skincare routine! yo skin could prolly use a little tlc. but do you know  which face mask is best for you? 👀

first of all, what’s your skin type, boo? if you haven’t taken our skin klass quiz, you should get on it right neoowww! it’ll help you figure out which kind of face masks are right for your skin.

sheet masks

sheet masks are hella popular right now and you’re bound to see ‘em at sephora, ulta, and even target! we know you peeped them somewhere. sheet masks are a quick way to give yo skin an extra boost after you’re done washing your face. they target a bunch of different skin issues and you can use them to brighten, hydrate, and to help clear up annoying breakouts. the main benefit of sheet masks is hydration. if your skin has been thirsty and dry lately, a sheet mask will get you right real quick. 

the best part about sheet masks is that they’re versatile, great for all skin types, and most are okay to use every day! just be sure to check the ingredients – the last thing you want is irritated skin.

clay masks

did someone say oily skin? if your skin is oily and acne prone, you def need a clay mask in yo life! clay masks are a great way to give your skin the detox it needs. they get rid of dirt, impurities, and get deep into your pores to clean them out. breakouts? we don’t know her! while your pores get a detox, say goodbye to bacteria (the one that causes acne) and dead skin. yo complexion is gonna be, klear, smooth af and glo’ing! 

so basically, clay masks are the way to go if you’re tryna do a deep klean! 

peel-off masks

who doesn’t love how great peel-off masks make your skin feel?! they’re so satisfying to pull off and they leave your skin feeling hella soft. peel-off masks are really good for acne prone skin and do a great job of refining your pores. most peel-off masks contain antioxidants to give your skin a boost and, more importantly, to keep acne, dark spots, and dull skin in check!

like clay masks, peel-off masks take the dirt and dead skin with it. you’ll leave your bathroom feeling revived and rejuvenated, girl 😍

gel masks

with winter here to bless us with its presence, your skin might be feelin’ xtra dry! a gel mask might be the cure to your dry skin problems 😩 they’re gentle for the ladies out there with sensitive skin. we can’t have you out here damaging your skin barrier! gel masks are gentle and lightweight – they work miracles on dry and dehydrated skin.

gel masks not only come in face masks but we’ve also been peepin’ the gel masks for your eyes. if your eyes are looking puffy and you’re noticing the bags under your eyes — a gel eye mask is an option!

the bottom line 

everyone’s skin responds differently to new products so make sure you’re checkin’ out the labels for the ingredients and patch-testing. you want good results, not bad reactions! 

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